Canote Films takes home Gold! SATO48 2014!

We did it again! We took home some gold last Thursday night at the SATO48 Film Festival Awards Ceremony! Plus we were nominated 6/10 categories! Watch the video!


Sato 48 2014 – Rikki Star in Fantasy (Canote Films)

My brother Justin and I have done the Sato48 Film Challenge for about 7 years now. Sato48 stands for Springfield and the Ozarks 48 hour film competition. You have 48 hours to write, film, and edit a 5 minute film. So, how do you prepare for Sato48? You can’t! Pretty much all you can do is get your team together and get location releases for your film before the Film Festival Kickoff.  At the Sato48 Kickoff, they give you an inspiration package that must be used in your film. This year our prop was Korean currency. Also there were a few other items that had to be used in your film including: the theme of your movie being based around Two Won, using 2 sets of 3’s in your film (very subjective), and also your film must have a “misunderstanding” of some sort. So, even if you have an idea in your head prior to the Sato48 Kickoff, these inspiration packages can really throw your idea into a whirlwind. But that’s why it’s called a Challenge! And it’s so much fun! This year we made a 5 minute film titled: Rikki Star in Fantasy. It’s about an 80’s band front man Rikki Star, who has to come up with an idea to save Club Fantasy from being bought out to an invester, Eddie TwoWon. If you love 80’s cheese, you’ll love this short by The Canote Brothers. 🙂 Will post it soon after it plays at the Moxie Cinema in Sprinfield MO April 25-27th, 2014. Below is a list of our previous Sato48 films. Many of our films have won several awards at the Sato48 Film Festival in the past years. Last year my film The Visitor took home best all around Film, and I won Best Male Actor. Enjoy! -Chris